Splash Red Sea

Diving for all

The event which will see the children, supported by the four injured troops and Deptherapy staff will allow the children to enjoy scuba diving in a confined water environment, similar to the PADI Bubblemaker programme.

The programme is being hosted by Steve and Clare Rattle at Roots Red Sea. Roots is the base for injured troops on the Deptherapy programme undertaking their PADI Open Water Course and further education courses.

Working with HEPCA (Hurghada Environmental and Conservation Association), the event is the brain child of Sharon El Shoura, Sharon who is resident in Hurghada and runs the Splash Dive Centre became involved with Deptherapy when she attended the Deptherapy Education Professionals’ Course which was run at Roots Red Sea in March last year.

Sharon, who has considerable experience of working with people of varied abilities is keen to get people of all abilities diving and this event is part of her commitment to that aim.

The dates of the event are to be arranged in conjuction with the Pros Course running in June.