Splash Red Sea Hurghada

Liveaboard Diving

Liveaboard diving is perfect for experiencing some of the best dive sites in the Red Sea aboard a spacious boat with a first-rate team and crew.

One of the best things is that the liveaboards we choose for you moor on, or close to, the best dive sites on your route giving more diving time when the sites are less busy.

This is our classic example of a week at sea on the Northern Wrecks and Reefs tour, the tour caters for all levels of divers from beginners to technical. Whether you want to stay shallow or go deep the trip can be tailored to your needs depending on the group’s day-by-day preferences.


Upon arrival at Hurghada Airport, our representative at the Arrival Gate will greet you. They will escort you to the waiting vehicle from where you shall depart to your boat.

After a refreshing welcome drink, you will be allocated your cabin where you can relax or otherwise unpack and prepare your dive kit. A presentation of the onboard facilities and safety features will be held at a time when all guests have arrived on board. Evening meal will be provided on board for all the guests. After this you are free to return to your cabin at your leisure for a good night’s sleep.


After a friendly wakeful call at around 8am, we will eat breakfast and depart the Marina for the first stop on our adventure – Sha’ab El Erg, otherwise known as Dolphin House. By this time we should already have sorted our dive equipment and held our Introductory Briefing detailing the program for the week, as well as the onboard facilities and safety features. Onc back on board, it will be time to make our way Northwards to take in the Wrecks at Sha’ab Abu Nuhas. Depending on the sea conditions, we will have a choice of four wrecks to dive for the rest of the day; including the Giannis D, Carnatic, Chrisoula K and Kimon M. An alternative would be, straight after our second wreck dive we can choose to take advantage of favourable sea conditions and sail across the channel to the Sinai in time for an exciting night dive on the Dunraven just after sunset.


Day 3 we will head South to the legendary peninsula of Ras Mohamed with it’s dramatic reef wall and large shoals of Snappers and Barracuda. After a couple of hours of sailing we will jump in for our pre-breakfast drift dive along the wall of the Shark Observatory. We will exit the water to find breakfast, Italian coffee and fresh orange juice laid out ready for us.

After breakfast you will have a surface interval and then plunge back in at Jackfish Alley. We will come out again just in time for lunch, which will eaten on the way to the Thistlegorm where we shall do our third dive of the day and the night dive. The two to three hour journey will allow you plenty of time to catch some sun or relax whilst watching your underwater videos. The Thistlegorm is probably the most famous wreck and dive site in the Red Sea and is not to be missed.


Day 4 we will still be close to the Thistlegorm and ready to do a third dive on the Thistlegorm at your own pace. We will wait till after lunch to move to our next spot at Gubal Island or go sooner. Waiting till after lunch will permit you to do a fourth dive on the Thistlegorm if you so choose.

The journey across the channel to Gubal Island takes about an hour and a half, and then once moored inside the scenic bay at Gubal Island it is just a short ride by RIB to the Ulysses wreck or to Bluff Point. Both dives are perfect for doing drift dives, as the current should carry back to to the boat. The night dive inside the bay at Gubal is not to be missed either. Everything comes to life in the dark and many reef predators can be seen hunting around the wreck inside the bay.


Day 5 gives a choice of a deep wreck dive on the Rosalie Moeller that is 45 minutes, or a leisurely drift at the reefs of Siyul, which is about and hour or so away due South from Gubal Island. The reefs at Siyul are rich in corals, with regular sightings of Eagle Rays and Turtles, whilst the Rosalie Moeller is best suited to Deep Divers and Technical Divers. The top deck of the wreck is at the 35m level and the seabed is at almost 50m. We will be able to decide on the day as to which dive is most suitable for the group.

For the remainder of the day we can also have a choice for our next destination. We can return to Sha’ab Abu Nuhas and dive the remaining two wrecks that we missed on day 1, or, head down to Dolphin House (Sha’ab El Erg) for some easy dives as well as a night dive.


This morning we can wake up at take breakfast at relaxed pace, because our first dive site of the day will be at Poseidon Reef, at ten minute hop away from Dolphin House and about an hour and half from Sha’ab Abu Nuhas. This is a nice drift dive along a long reef wall with rich dense corals. Dolphins and Eagle Rays are common sightings along this reef.

By lunchtime we will probably have arrived at our second dive spot of the day. This will be at the deep-water reef of Umm Gammar Island. Here, the constant current provides the reef wall with rich nutrients, which feeds the corals that have formed dramatic hollow pinnacles that tower up to about 15m. Sha’ab Rur Umm Gammar is a submerged reef about 20min South of Umm Gammar. This also has the rich coral wall with that constant current.

Afternoon tea and dinner can be enjoying during our sun set sail to our mooring spot for the night at the Southern tip of Small Giftun Island. That wish to do a night dive may do so or otherwise can save their energy for the thrilling dive the following morning.


The wake-up call will be slightly earlier today as it will be possible to do two dives before the 24hr flight interval. Therefore we will be in the water before breakfast. This dive at the Southern tip of Small Giftun Island is probably the most exciting drift dive in the Hurghada area. The reef wall marks the boundary between the Hurghada area plateau and the deep sea that characterizes the central part of the Red Sea. If we do the dive early enough, there is a good chance to glimpse the odd Reef Shark further below us or in the blue.

The second dive will be made en-route back to Hurghada Marina, probably at Gota Abu Ramada. This is a shallow and immensely rich coral reef known for large shoals of reef fish and pinnacles that tower to the surface.

From here it’s only a 45min sail back to Hurghada Marina. We can choose to take lunch at sea and spend the early afternoon relaxing and snorkeling, or we can head back to the Marina so that you can stretch your legs on dry land. There will be plenty of time for washing and drying kit ready for your flight.


There is no wake-up call today and you are free to have a lie in. Just as long as you don’t miss your Airport Pick-up that we have arranged. Those that get up can take breakfast at their own pace.